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Holidays in Milan


Milan or Milano is the capital city of the Lombardei and is located in Italy. It is enormous varied and has numerous contrast in himself. A wide range of historical influences and the booming industry determined this town. Now Milan accommodate nearly 1,6 million inhabitants on an area of circa 23,860 square kilometres.
Milan is often called “the secretly capital city” of Italy, because it is the metropolis of the industry and economy of the country. Cosmopolitan, is the catchword, which Milan excellent describe: fastness and flexibility determine the everyday life here. But Milan is also the centre of mode, fairs, media and Banks. Apart of art lovers and mode freaks also friends of the Italian cooking get here of there money worth.
Some Sightseeing’s you souldn`t let slip:

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Castello Sforzesco

Duomo (the gothic cathedral)

Teatro alla Scala

Pinacoteca di Brera

San Ambrogio

San Maria delle Grazie

San Lorenzo Maggiore

The greatest piece of jewellery of Milan is certainly the „Duomo“. It was build of rose-coloured marble of Candoglia and owns more than 2,000 statues. The most famous statue is the gold "Madonninas" statue. Apart of the many cultural treasures offers Milan also numerous possibilities to amuse. A wide range of boutiques, shops, restaurants, bars, coffee-shops, clubs, cinemas, theatres, and many others are offering diversion.

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